natural things. [oil cleansing on Going Granola]

Over the past couple of years I have been researching and making small changes to my lifestyle to shift towards more whole foods and natural products.  It’s scary some of the stuff that is in the products we use everyday! It has been small changes but ones I feel are important after doing some research. I wrote a guest post for my BFF Courtney’s natural living blog, Going Granola, about one area where I have changed what I use – facial cleansing!  I will have future posts about other things I have changed as well.

If you have any questions you can post them here or on Courtney’s blog and I will answer them.  Also if you are interested in essential oils, what they are, what to use them for, why to use them…I would love to talk more about them, they have changed almost all aspects of my daily life.


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