a biker coffee bar and “cheese sticks”.

Tomorrow (October 1st) begins the National Holiday Golden Week in China. Always from October 1-October 7 schools are closed and most businesses are as well to give workers time off to visit their families and travel.

Molly and I had discussed traveling during this period, but as we arrived in China in late August and didn’t get settled into our own place and begin school until September, other things occupied our time and when we began looking into where to go prices were through the roof to go anywhere.  We were rather sad about not getting to get away for a few days as we had hoped, but we are thinking we might try again in December.  As for this week, we have been warned by our coworkers about “people mountain, people sea”.  This is the Chinese idiom meaning huge crowds of people EVERYWHERE.  As if things were not crowded enough, I can only imagine what getting around Shanghai in the next few days will be like as we venture out and explore more of the city.

I have been sick with a bad cold the last few days and am finally recovering. My kids were so sweet and concerned about me, especially when I started wearing my glasses to work instead of my contacts, they believed my sickness was also making me blind.  I still came to work just to teach in the mornings even though I felt like death and then went home to crash afterwards.  We had to work this past Sunday to make up for a Monday holiday a couple weeks ago (the logic train derailed somewhere for me around ‘working on a Sunday’, so I have no further explanation…). I’ve been feeling better as the day goes on and cabin fever has set in so I left the apartment after work with Molly and a couple of my other coworkers to go to our nearby “western street” we have come to love.  Not feeling like walking around the mall or much of anywhere I decided to make camp in a new coffee shop and get some work done, I’m hoping to try to get ahead over the break, this might be wishful thinking!  This coffee shop I’m residing in appeared normal at first and then I sat down and was glancing at the walls and it is laden with dozens of pictures of a Chinese biker gang (is that the right term?)/group/organization, and all the places they have been. I believe this coffee shop/restaurant might be their home base.  The places I seem to stumble into never cease to amaze me…

As for their food…a great latte, better than where I normally visit.  And for dinner, now that my appetite has returned, I ordered (don’t judge, I promise you would order this if you saw it on a menu here too and hadn’t eaten much of anything in the last few days) popcorn chicken and cheese sticks.  The popcorn chicken was SO GOOD.  I’m so happy, I will definitely order it again.  The cheese sticks…


Yes, that is french bread with melted cheese, drizzled with ketchup, which I think ruins any food.  I understand everyone to be either a lover of ketchup or an enemy of ketchup, I am the latter.  I’m just getting a to go box for it and I think Molly will like it, so not completely wasted.

I will report back on people mountain, people sea during Golden Week…


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