indoor climates in China

It’s weird to think that the only time I’ve spent in a/c or heating since I’ve lived here has largely only been in my own home. Occasionally a mall will be climate controlled but by and large I spend the majority of my existence here in China at the mercy of the weather.

There is a stigma or what have you here about getting enough “fresh air”, let’s keep in mind this is a relative term. I don’t think true fresh air exists in Shanghai, in fact I think the air is taking years off my life, but I digress. So whether it is 110 or 34 outside the windows will likely be open and you just adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Somehow just like many, many other things this has become the norm, and actually we have only turned on the a/c or heat at home a handful of time besides in our bedrooms. If someone had told me that I would live in a climate essentially the exact same as Houston, Texas and I wouldn’t use/have access to a/c or heating much I would have said you were crazy, there is no way I would be ok with that, but here we are.

Today the high was 43 and I just wore my wool coat, sweater, thermal pants and socks and went about my day and didn’t think much of it until now. When in Rome…


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